Villa Keth 2

Villa Keth

Undergraduate Researcher


Hey! My name is Villa Keth, and I am currently a senior pursuing a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering at the University of South Florida. My main research interests include implementing artificial intelligence (AI) in robotics along with using augmented reality (AR) to facilitate communication between robots and humans. Overall, I hope to make a difference in the lives of everyday people by researching and creating new methods and technologies that can be applied in a myriad of different fields.

My most recent project involved creating new algorithms and models to explore the performance of multi-object grasping with a variety of robotic systems. This summer, I will be collaborating with my fellow members of the RARE Lab on developing a fog screen that will project the thoughts and actions of a robotic system through spatial augmented reality.

— 5/9/2024


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Start-of-Summer Lab Brunch

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Congrats to Adrian Lozada and Villa Keth for selection to the CRA Undergraduate Research to PhD (“UR2PhD”) program to learn the hidden, fulfilling research pathways!

Undergraduate students Villa Keth and Ridhima Phatak have joined the RARE Lab. Welcome!