Ridhima Phatak

Ridhima Phatak

Undergraduate Researcher



Hello! My name is Ridhima Phatak. I am a senior majoring in Computer Science at the University of South Florida.

I plan to focus on how robots interact with humans by engaging in some human-subject studies here at the RARE lab. Along with that, I plan on conducting literature reviews pinpointing trends and research gaps in cognitive, inclusive, and assistive robotics. It is an exciting journey as we explore the nuances of human-robot interaction and push the boundaries of innovation in robotics.

I look forward to working at the RARE lab and learning more!

— 5/9/2024


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Start-of-Summer Lab Brunch

We just had our start-of-summer brunch or lunch!

Undergraduate students Villa Keth and Ridhima Phatak have joined the RARE Lab. Welcome!