Xiangfei Kong

Xiangfei Kong

M.S. Student



Hi, I am Xiangfei Kong! I am a Computer Science M.S. student at the University of South Florida and joined the RARE Lab in October 2023. I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree from Qufu Normal University in China and my M.S. in Marketing from USF. In addition, I received a Pathway to Computing Graduate Certificate in Spring 2023.

My main research interest is leveraging augmented reality (AR) for the replicability and reproducibility of empirical experiment results. Specifically, I am investigating whether AR virtual robots can be a possible replacement for physical robots in some empirical research focusing on subjective experience.

— 3/9/2024


Xiangfei Kong and Zhao Han

Do Results in Experiments with Virtual Robots in Augmented Reality Transfer To Physical Robots? An Experiment Design

4th Workshop YOUR Study Design! Participatory critique and refinement of human-robot interaction user studies




Start-of-Summer Lab Brunch

We just had our start-of-summer brunch or lunch!

HRI 2024

After just six months, RARE Lab started strong at HRI 2024! Uthman Tijani, Hong Wang, and Xiangfei Kong presented the lab’s works [1, 2, 3]. Dr. Zhao Han gave a keynote.

WYSD Workshop Acceptance

Congrats to Xiangfei Kong for acceptance of her first paper to the WYSD workshop at HRI 2024! It is time to hone methodological skills!

HRI 2024 Student Volunteer Program

Congrats to Xiangfei Kong & Hong Wang for acceptance to the student volunteer program at HRI ’24. It is a great opportunity to connect with their peers and a fun way to participate in the top conference in HRI!

End-of-Fall-2023 Lab Lunch

We just had our end-of-semester lab lunch at Bahama Breeze. What a breeze in Florida!

Xiangfei Kong and Tammy Do have joined the RARE lab. Welcome!